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Global USTB

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“Is it not a pleasure to practice what you have learned?


Isn’t it a delight to have friends visit from afar? ”


- Confucius




With a commitment to expanding the horizons

of both its domestic and international students,


USTB strives to build and international-based campus atmosphere

in line with its strong academic traditions.



996: international students enrolled in 2018

322: newly enrolled international students in 2018

13: new cooperative agreements signed in 2018



1500: students in English summer camps

48: foreign expert courses

5: international alumni associations

42: jointly trained doctoral students

66%: first year students receiving CSC scholarship funding

899: academic papers accepted for peer publication

9: international conferences held in 2018

Over 1000: exchanges between visiting experts and scholars



Coming to USTB from around the globe,


each of our international students and faculty have a story to share.

International Campus Environment